Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Dishwasher Installation

When we bought our house, 18 years ago, it had a built in dishwasher. There were only two of us so it only got used on special occasions when there were lots of dishes to do. The house was 6 years old when we bought it so the dishwasher is about 24. Old enough I guess. It is a yellow colour that doesn't go with the current decor and all the other white appliances; the door spring is gone so it isn't really safe for the mother-in-law to use; it is looking quite ratty; and probably isn't as efficient as a new model. So last night, with some head scratching and consternation we removed it and took it out to the driveway. We expect delivery of a brand new Whirlpool this afternoon and the company will take away the old one for recycling.

I've been poking around the Whirlpool site looking at dishwasher installation manuals (I don't know what model we're getting) to get a feel for what I need to do the installation this evening. Since it is a simple replacement it should not be too difficult, but one never knows for sure. More later after the job is done.

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