Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Parting of the Ways

I won't be flying with CASARA any more. I've had a parting of the ways with the organization due in large part to difficulties I have with the management, but mostly because the unit I have been with for over 10 years has started using techniques that I cannot support. Apparently when one has worked in Radio Frequency transmission, reception, research, development and design for over thirty years one is still not entitled to say that an electronic search procedure developed by amateurs is completely bereft of any technical merit and will not be efficacious in all (or even most) realistic circumstances. To do so is apparently an attack on their abilities. So I won't say that.

I will say that with the help of some current and retired, very knowlegable Canadian Forces people I know, I have prepared a description of the technique based on information provided to me, and my assesment of it. This has been sent through to an instructor at the Canadian Forces Air Navigation School for assment and action. Perhaps once the dust settles I will be able to post the article here. For now it is probably best to keep it to a limited audience. It is instructive that the people I work for, those currently serving in the Canadian Forces and those whom I served with decades ago, all see the problems immediately; whereas, so far no one in CASARA even thinks there is a problem. Except, I suppose, with me.

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