Friday, October 29, 2010

Sony PRS-600 First Aid.

Early in September I bought a Sony PRS-600 eBook reader. I love it, especially the touch screen interface. About two weeks ago I noticed that the gesture for making a book mark wasn't working as well as I thought it was when new. My initial thoughts were that I was getting too sloppy. Then the day before yesterday some parts of the touch screen stopped responding to input at all. This made it difficult to navigate the User Interface. Eventually I could not get into books at all. I tried both a soft and a hard reset. Neither worked. So, disappointed my wife and I gathered up the receipts and box. I packed everything back up for the return trip to the store for warranty service. When my wife came to bed, I had been reading on the iPad (not anywhere near as nice an experience as the PRS-600), she asked me if anyone else on the Web had reported similar problems. So into the iPad browser for a quick Google search, and sure enough I found a posting by someone with a similar problem. People had advised her that dirt can get lodged between the frame and the display stimulating the touch screen. They suggested a piece of paper, canned air or a brush to get the dirt out. That seemed worth a try, so I unpacked the reader, used a thin piece of paper and canned air to gently coax the dirt out. It worked! My reader is as good as new.

So, if your Sony eReader touch display seems to be acting up it could be getting dirty. A little house cleaning could save you some trouble down the road.

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