Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Blackberry Torch Sync Pod

I've picked up charging pods for the Bold 9000 and 9700 when I was carrying those models. Having a charging pod on the bedside table is very handy. Setting up the Alarm Clock application bedside mode the way you like it, and dropping the device in the charging pod is a vary nice way to make sure your BlackBerry behaves the way you want over night, and is ready to go in the morning. With the advent of faster processors and more always active applications, and living in the country is hard on a BlackBerry battery. Starting every day fully charged is an important step in getting the most out of the device.

I've been given a Torch 9800 to use, but the Sync (and charging) Pod has only just become available. It represents an evolutionary improvement over the pods available for previous devices. Because the Torch has accelerometers and adapts to orientation, the Pod is set to hold the device in landscape mode. This provides a much more stable base than the pods for the 9000 and 9700 did. The Pod for the 9800 also carries the full USB bus connection through to the device, so you can use the pod on your desktop to connect to a PC for synchronizing. I was concerned that this might make docking a finicky process, but the form of the cradle seems to guide the device onto the plug fairly well.

In the box you get the tiny little power to USB cube just like the one that came with your 9800, a USB cable (which I replaced with a short third party cable to keep the wire bundle under control), and the Pod.

BlackBerry Torch 9800 in Sync Pod
BlackBerry Torch 9800 in Sync Pod

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