Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Christmas Wish in Memory of a Hero

CBC News is reporting that equipment problems lead to the death of Sgt. Janick Gilbert when he and two other SARTECHs jumped into storm tossed arctic seas to save a father and son October 28, 2011. The RCAF report is available here.

One can not spend any time with SARTECHs without being convinced of their joie de vivre, dedication, professionalism, physical courage or willingness to sacrifice for others. It is our duty as the citizens they protect to have the moral courage to ensure that such sacrifice is required only at the absolute end of need.

This holiday season, take a few minutes to think about those men and women who stand ready to sacrifice for your safety, and especially for those who already have made that sacrifice; and their families who will be missing them this time of year. If you make new years resolutions, consider resolving to do what you can to make sure such sacrifices are not made in vain.

Have a safe had happy Christmas.

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