Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hands On BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 at CES

A YouTube video uploaded by MobileSyrup shows what we have in store from the up-coming PlayBook Tablet OS 2.0 upgrade scheduled for next month.

Highlights are:

Virtual Keyboard. A very intriguing feature has been added: contextual next word prediction. I can't wait to try that out myself. Auto double space end of sentences, correct and auto contractions are finally here!

Integrated Messaging. Finally a native messaging application, but it does much more than Email, integrating social media with the email application. Rich text features for mail composition are supported.

Native Contacts Application. Like messaging, the contacts application integrates contacts from all configured accounts and does a "intelligent" merge.

Native Calendar Application. The new calendar application can manage multiple calendars, continuing the integration from messaging and contacts. Also continuing the social integration (unfortunately not shown due to technical issues) the calendar application shows you who you will be interacting with during the day and allow you to get status information from social media in the calendar.

Improvements to BlackBerry Bridge. Remote control allows the BlackBerry smart phone to control the PlayBook for presentations, or any other time you want to have the PlayBook do something having it in your hands. Open on PlayBook allows you to select media or documents on the BlackBerry smart phone to open on the PlayBook.

Documents to Go. Improved editing features. Presentations can be edited now.

At almost 18 minutes long this is a good look at what is coming down the line for PlayBook owners. Go have a look.

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