Friday, February 3, 2012

DND Probes Response Delays

DND is probing alleged delays in the response to a missing person in Labrador according to a CBC news article, and another. However reading the first article the response "a private chopper arrived Monday morning, followed by a second later that day. But neither had technology to detect heat in the dark. The search was also complicated by bad weather." seems to be pretty much what one could expect if plans for CASARA to take over first response duties in the arctic go through, also reported by the CBC here and here. Volunteers and contractors will always be a valuable adjunct to the DND Search and Rescue roll. But aircraft which are not configured primarily for SAR will always be limited in what they can do because they won't have the speciallized equipment that may be needed.

Update: Rear Admiral Dave Gardam said the weather was unsuitable when the military first received a call Monday morning. (Winnipeg Free Press)

Update: The St John's Telegram has an article quoting the operator of the civilian helecopters involved in the search.

Update: DND shared their rationel and proceedures for the decisions made during the search for Burton Winters.

Update:  The official DND report on Burton Winters SAR.

My deeply felt condolences to the family and friends of Burton Winters.

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