Sunday, March 4, 2012


I've been tinkering with EPub format for a while. There are lots of tools around, but none that really do what I want. I've recently stumbled on Booki. Booki is a publicly usable website based on Booktype, an open source book authoring system. Booki provides a groupware editing solution for creating books, and facilities to assist in publishing, including the production of ePub files. It isn't perfect yet, but certainly usable. The ePub file format seems to be one of those non-standard standards that commercial produces seem to implement to the degree they want, rather than sticking very closely to the standard. This can lead to uneven results, but this isn't a problem unique to Booki, if you've been reading books on eReaders for very long, and getting your documents from multiple ePublishers you will know what I mean.

Since BB10 will eventually supplant BlackBerry OS, and since my BlackBerry code samples page is getting a bit unwieldy I'm trying to roll it all into an eBook. This is a first attempt, but if you like what you see so far leave a comment and I will post new versions as often as I make them.

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