Sunday, October 21, 2012

Creating Maps from Raw Data on the Fly

I've been working on an application that will, among other things, provide terrain situation awareness. I decided to write an underlay with hypsometric tints, terrain slope shading and water features. Using the most recent BlackBerry 10 Cascades Native Development Kit it was very easy and it runs incredibly fast before any optimization. Here is a screen shot from the simulator. I will have to change the compass rose to a darker colour for contrast now.


I've been tweaking the rendering, and added a map image save feature. Here is what the results look like:

Ottawa Valley

And here are some more...

Vancouver (lower mainland)


Mount Fuji

And because the maps are generated on the fly from raw elevation data, it is easy enough to change the false colour map to provide relative terrain awareness. The picture below shows terrain that is more than 500 ft below the aircraft in normal hypsometric tinting, terrain between 500 ft below the aircraft and the aircraft altitude in yellow, terrain at or above the aircraft altitude in red:

Penticton - terrain awareness mode.
And because the data is all in separate 'layers' we can insert the terrain shading layer if we want:

Pentiction - terrain shading and awareness

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